Bancha (番茶)

Sencha, that is produced from tea leaves harvested in the later seasons (summer or autum), is called Bancha. Because of relatively strong sun in the summer, Bancha has a tangy flavour.

Tamaryokucha (玉緑茶)

The process of production is almost the same as that of Sencha, but the step, where the particular shape of leaves is forced, is omitted. Thanks to that, Tamaryokucha’s tea leaves have characteristic, slightly curved shape. There are two types of Tamaryokucha: one is...

Genmaicha (玄米茶)

Green tea combined with roasted brown rice. Aroma of Sencha and brown rice blends perfectly together. Moreover, there is Matcha Hairi Genmaicha – Genmaicha with matcha. Its rice aroma and matcha flavour allows you to enjoy this wonderful tea.

Hōjicha (ほうじ茶)

Bancha or Sencha roasted over charcoal. It has intensive, but refreshing aroma, which allows to distinct it from other tea types. In this tea we can further differentiate Hōjicha made from tea leaves, and Kukihōjicha, which basic element is tea stalk.

Sencha(煎茶) ・Fukamushicha (深蒸し茶)

Sencha is the most popular type of Green tea and comprises 85% of its total production. It has characteristic fresh aroma and delicate bitterness. Because Sencha is cultivated in the full sun, it’s richer in vitamin C than other types. Fukamushicha is steamed longer...

Gyokuro (玉露) ・Kabusecha (かぶせ茶)

Gyokuro, known as „Jade Dew”, is considered to be the best Japanese tea and by the connoisseurs – the best tea in the world. It has characteristic sweet and tangy flavour. Thanks to reduced amount of tannin the bitterness is almost impalpable. The cultivation process...