Takarazuka Revenue was created in 1913, in Takarazuka city. Only women can play in it: those, who act as men are called otokoyaku (男役), and those, who play women –  musumeyaku (娘役). Costiums, scenography  and light is quite lavish, and the plays – melodramatic. Overal, it’s a little bit similiar to Broadway’s musicals.

In order to become part of a troupe, young women have to train for 2 years at Takarazuka Musical School, which is one of the best in the world. Each year only 40-50 girls are accepted and trained in music, dance and acting. The get 7-year contract.

The school is famous for its strict discipline. The first year, all women train together before being divided by the faculty and the current troupe members into otokoyaku and musumeyaku at the end of the year. Those playing otokoyaku cut their hair short, take on a more masculine role in the classroom, and speak in the masculine form.

The company has five main troupes: Flower (花 hana), Moon (月 tsuki), Snow (雪 yuki), Star (星 hoshi), and Cosmos(宙 sora).

Photo gallery of Takarazuka – click here.

The video below is an ending act from „Romeo and Juliett”.