Sometimes you are left without any idea for a present. How to make it show our engagement into relationship building, keeping the elegance and tactfullness? The answer can be found in Japanese culture, with its one of the most widely recognised element in international consciousness: the tea ceremony.

You don’t have to be an expert in this intricate ritual to truly enjoy taste and flavour of tea, but the atmosphere of exclusiveness accompanying every gift originating from Japanese islands make the present consisting of unique Japanese tea unforgettable. Japan is a country of gourmets, appreciating Kobe beef, price-record breaking tuna and the best tea originating from Uji area. And exactly this tea is offered by us as an unique part of our gift set.

It is up to you what should be put into the gift. Please compose the set, drawing from our offer presented in THE SHOP. The next step is choosing the type of packaging. We can put the tea and ceramic ware into the cardboard boxes or wooden cases, decorated with engraved inscriptions or firm’s logo.

We decorate our gifts with thematical adornments, such as Christmas balls with Temari embroidery, fan with personalised inscription or logo or silken bag made of cloth used for production of kimonos.

Our gifts are securely packed and sent by courier. Please feel free to ask for quotation and time of realisation: or using the form below.