Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s districts, which is placed between Shibuya and Shinjuku. In the past, that is in 1964, Harajuku was a part of Olympic village.

At present, Harajuku is the center of fashion: different Japanese subcultures, such as lolita, gothic lolita and gyaru, mix here everyday. Cosplay, where people dress like manga or anime characters, is very popular here as well. Such colorful clothes, extravagant hair or accessories are an escape from mundane, uniformized reality: in school students are suppossed to dress according to the rules (no make-up, short skirts, excessive accessories, etc.)  and in the office salaryman/salarywoman has to wear black suit and almost non-exsiting make-up. In Harajuku You can let Your imagination loose and wear any clothes You want without being afraid of judgemental gazes.