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Everything began with love for tea, fascination with Japanese culture and search for the best products. When these three elements has joined, an idea of creation Midori Tea 4 Me was born – a shop where everyone will find all the best that is hidden in tea.

The firm was established in 2014 with the intention of introducing into Polish market green tea of the superior quality, earlier unavailable anywhere outside Japan. Name of the firm, “Midori” in Japanese means “green” and our teas have beautiful green and intensive colour.

Midori Tea 4 Me is an exclusive distributor of Japanese teas of Matabay brand in Poland. Our shop offers not only teas of this brand, but also other types of tea from all over the world, chosen after careful selection, as well as fruit mixes. We aim to provdie our Client with an extensive choice  of teas among various types, producers and origins. The common feaure of all products will be their higest quality. Our offer is under constant verification and expands in order to meet the demand of every tea lover. You can purchase here not only great Japanese tea, but also test the cooking recipes, basing mainly on green tea. We invite you to check the offer of Midori Tea 4 Me and begin the extraordinary green tea adventure.

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